Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michael Savage is first major media figure to voice support for EDL

Michael Savage, host of America's 3rd largest radio talk show, let's off some steam and wonders why the British government insists on protecting Islamofascists from the grassroots anti-Shariah movement the English Defence League (EDL).



christian soldier said...

thank you for Savage sound tract--

Anonymous said...

thank you mr savage,im not sure if you could be arrested for saying that,as it seems again its easier to arrest the victims than the criminals.we are ashamed of what has been done to our once proud nation by scum like tony blairs,muliticulturism nightmare it was islam thru the back door,my city now looks like a third world ghetto thanks to islamic trash.i struggle to understand why anyone with the best intentions for uk would bring them here,so whats the real agenda?are we being blackmailed?is this the future?i could cry seeing these sub human
koranimals praying on the streets of can only end in civil war,when ALL opposed to them get organised.i will be there.peace to all infidels.