Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BBC Blames U.S. Checks and Balances for Failure of Copenhagen Conference

In an article entitled "Why did Copenhagen fail to deliver a climate deal?" a BBC climate change extremist resents the ability of the American people to prevent their President from committing them to a treaty against their will. U.S. Democracy is ranked #2 among 8 supposed reasons the summit failed:


Just about every other country involved in the UN talks has a single chain of command; when the president or prime minister speaks, he or she is able to make commitments for the entire government.

Not so the US. The president is not able to pledge anything that Congress will not support, and his inability to step up the US offer in Copenhagen was probably the single biggest impediment to other parties improving theirs.

Viewed internationally, the US effectively has two governments, each with power of veto over the other.

Doubtless the founding fathers had their reasons. But it makes the US a nation apart in these processes, often unable to state what its position is or to move that position - a nightmare for other countries' negotiators.

Yes, thank God the founding fathers foresaw the schemes of power-grabbing European tyrants like yourself and built a system that protects us from you. Can you believe the level of arrogance? How dare a bothersome detail like the US system of government prevent a climate deal!

The summit failed because "global warming" is and always has been a farce.



Anonymous said...

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China frustrated the COP top,
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Digital democracy of the third millennium: how can you expect your
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Thorum said...

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