Friday, November 13, 2009

DVD's for sale?!

Recently I've had a few requests for my Islamic Crusades series on DVD:

"is your Islamic Crusades series available on DVD? We started watching it on YouTube, but our internet connection is not the best, and who knows how long it will remain posted there before it is censored out. It is such an important piece of information, we would like to add it to our DVD collection on history and Islam."

I feel pretty secure because YouTube has allowed some of my videos for over a year now, but it's true... you never know when they might change their terms of service or use some other way to take them off.

Is there any demand for dvd's out there? How much would you be willing to pay? I'm not even sure how much space they would take up and if I could make a traditional DVD Menu or just a DVD data disc.

Anyway, give me some feedback... if there is interest in at least 5 copies I will look into it further.

And here is the rest of it.


Christian Atheist said...

Absolutely there's interest in DVDs! I would also be interested in a DVD version of the outstanding "Slavery in Islam" series. Keep us posted. If the price is right I'll want a few for gifts as well.

Abraham said...

Thanks for your interest. I'm checking with a friend on how best to burn/package something like this. If there's enough space I'll probably put all my videos including the crusades series on there. I'll keep you all updated.

Allah said...

Ofc, a nice idea to put it on a dvd. I would promote it true my blogg.

Erik Hellsborn said...

I would buy.