Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brigitte Gabriel does her thing in Denver

This is a speech given in the Denver, CO area on August 6, 2009. Brigitte Gabriel lays out the basic history of Islamic imperialism, the Muslim Brotherhood, and creeping Sharia in the United States. This was meant to a primer for this audience so it's a good video to refer people to if they are just learning about the history of Jihad:

On Harvard gym apartheid: "If Muslim ladies can afford to pay $50,000 a year to go to Harvard University to get an education, they can pay $500 for a treadmill to put it in their apartment."


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Is Israel an apartheid state?

Watch and decide:

The answer is "no"... you moral relativist moron


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Relatively moderate Islamic Extremists commit mass-murder against Uber-Extreme Islamists in "Palestine"

--Update: "The Jews" didn't do it, so it's not a story

Palestine: '28 Palestinians killed and 120 Palestinians wounded by other Palestinians in Palestine '

Hamas said over the weekend that it won't tolerate the presence of rival Islamist groups in the Gaza Strip and warned that its security forces will continue to use an iron fist to foil attempts to establish such organizations.

The warning followed a bloody weekend during which 28 Palestinians were killed and more than 120 were wounded in fierce clashes between Hamas militiamen and security forces on the one hand and members of the hitherto unknown group.

Taher a-Nunu, a spokesman for the Hamas government, said Jund Ansar Allah was responsible for a spate of bombings against coffee shops, hair salons, Internet outlets and restaurants throughout the Gaza Strip over the past few years.

Hamas is "fighting terrorism"; maybe they can be a partner in peace like Fatah!

The clashes were the worst since Hamas drove the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority out of the Strip two years ago.

Journalists in the Gaza Strip said that Hamas's success in eliminating the radical group would consolidate the movement's authority and frighten its rivals.

"Hamas has shown that it won't allow anyone to challenge its authority in the Gaza Strip," said one journalist. "This will certainly deter others from challenging Hamas."

Hamas said its men were forced to take action against the radical group after its leader and founder, Sheikh Abdel Latif Mousa, declared during Friday prayers in Rafah the establishment of an Islamic emirate in the Gaza Strip.


Hamas banned journalists from entering Rafah or interviewing the wounded in hospitals.

Eyewitnesses said the clashes began almost immediately after Friday prayers at the Ibn Taymiyeh Mosque in the Brazil suburb of Rafah. They said the warring parties used automatic rifles and mortars during the confrontation, which ended early on Saturday.

They said the leader of Jund Ansar Allah and about 100 of his armed followers surprised worshipers by announcing the creation of an Islamic emirate in the Gaza Strip headed by Mousa, an Egyptian-educated physician-turned-cleric.

Addressing the crowd, Mousa launched a scathing attack on Hamas, accusing it of failing to enforce Islamic law, Shari'a, in the Strip, and of acting like a "secular government."

He also announced his opposition to attempts by Hamas to "liberate" the mosque from the hands of Jund Ansar Allah and said his men would not hesitate to use force to thwart the plan.

When dozens of Hamas militiamen and policemen surrounded the mosque, demanding that Mousa and his followers surrender, they were met with gunfire from inside the building, said Ihab al-Ghissin, spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry.

Ghissin said that at one stage several gunmen holed up inside the mosque surrendered and handed their weapons over to Hamas. He accused the group and its leaders of trying to spread "weird and dangerous" ideas.

Some eyewitnesses reported that a suicide bomber belonging to the group blew himself up when Hamas security officers tried to arrest him, killing several people.


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Iran, Syria and North Korea killed 20 people with peaceful Scud test

Iran, Syria, North Korea (and I'm sure Hezbollah) are preparing for the Obama Era of Peace.

It took three months for this story to break. In police states the news takes a while to get out.

Syria: 20 die in 'failed missile test'

Twenty Syrians were killed and over 60 injured in a failed Scud missile test carried out by Syria, Iran and North Korea in May, Japan's Kyodo News reported on Friday.

One of two missiles had apparently strayed off its course due to a technical malfunction, landing in a civilian populated area in a town on the Syrian-Turkish border. The victims were all civilians.

The incident was part of a botched attempt to test a new short-range ballistic missile developed together by the three countries, the report said.

According to Kyodo News, the area - a marketplace - was immediately closed off to the public, who was told that a gas explosion had ensued and was the cause of the wreckage.

It was unclear where the other missile landed.

"Move on, nothing to see here..."


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