Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vlad Tepes analyzes the Arkansas atrocity

Includes extended footage of the Muslim "counter-protester" who showed up to defame the dead soldier. I had not seen the part where she pulls out the "Jews in the media" chestnut. From Vlad Tepes:


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FFFFF said...

Another "Woman" (Brainwashedmachine devoted to become a Mujahida, the only way she has, in Islam, to worth something, otherwise, as a Woman, she has no Value) who enjoys Western Rights and use and abuse (of) them against the West, the Place which protects her. Let's see if a Non-islamic Person in an islamized Country can "freely express" insults against Islamic people (the way she did against Western People/Politicians and Jews and Christian - assuming that she know better who was or was not Jesus-the-Christ -) .... More and more am I aware of the Fact that Islam can be resumed in one Word: Theft. FowNews is supposed to say Lies? What about Honor (Horror) Killings? All Lies? By the way, why hasn't this woman been sued for Anti-semitism, since she "negatively stereotipize" Jews? Actually, she is "a little Hilter" to be? Why these People have the Rights to behave in a way which has condemned by the West after WWII? Why do these People have the Right to come and live Here, enjoying all what whe built, and more insulting us telling us that we did understand nothing about i.e. Jesus? Maybe in Saudi Arabia or Iran did People understand better about Him? What have those (islamized) Nations to teach us? About Justice? Please, kik women like that woman off United States! Or United Stated will fall under civil War, and this thanks to - guess whom? -. Followers of Islam just give Problems. They are never Part of the Solution. They take from you and then belittle you. This is criminal and brings nothing Good to Civilization. At the opposite. Kindest Regards.