Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Third Jihad: Radical Islam's Vision for America

"The Third Jihad" is a feature-length film released by the Clarion Fund, the same folks who produced "Obsession" a few years ago. The main narrator is Zuhdi Jasser, a man who may be the only true "moderate Muslim" on earth. Many in the Counterjihad have been highly critical of Jasser and the film because they use the term "radical Islam" rather than blaming the orthodox tenets of Islam itself for Jihadist violence. Though I do believe that mainstream interpretation of the Koran itself is the root of Islamic violence, I also believe that it's important to support Jasser because he is a Muslim who is willing to confront all aspects of Jihad honestly (including subtler forms like the legal jihad, prison conversion, and academic propaganda). The man has certainly put his life on the line to oppose Jihad, so if he insists believes in a mythical peaceful version of Islam let him believe in it. The important part is that he is a patriotic American of Muslim heritage alerting the population to real threats.

UPDATE: Looks like the videos were removed shortly after I embedded them. In lieu of them the abridged version is below:



Luís Cardoso said...

It appears that the video was withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where else it can be seen?

Anonymous said...

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