Thursday, May 7, 2009

Democrats nearly twice as likely to blame financial crisis on "The Jews"

So progressive of them... via Sig, Carl and Alfred:

"Interestingly, Democrats were especially prone to blaming Jews: while 32 percent of Democrats accorded at least moderate blame, only 18.4 percent of Republicans did so (a statistically significant difference). This difference is somewhat surprising given the presumed higher degree of racial tolerance among liberals and the fact that Jews are a central part of the Democratic Party’s electoral coalition. Are Democrats simply more likely to “blame everything” thus casting doubt on whether the anti-Jewish attitudes are real? Not at all. We also asked how much “individuals who took out loans and mortgages they could not afford” were to blame on the same five-point scale. In this case, Democrats were less likely than Republicans to assign moderate or greater blame."


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MAS1916 said...

So why does such a large percentage of the US Jewish vote go Democrat?

Conservatives at least want everyone to be individually free and successful.

Oh well.. conservatives will have a willing audience before too long. Interest rates are headed sharply up as well as inflation. These will kill any jobs recovery and point the finger directly at the Leader. He won't be able to blame Bush for the economy too much longer.

On the plus side, a down economy is a benefit for conservatives. For a top ten list of things conservatives can work with and be hopeful about, hit: