Monday, May 25, 2009

Breaking News: Most Israelis are not suicidal


Just over half of Israelis back an immediate attack on the nuclear facilities of arch-foe Iran but the rest want to wait and see the results of US diplomacy, according to a poll released on Sunday.

Fifty-one percent support an immediate Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites, while 49 percent believe the Jewish state should await the outcome of efforts by the US administration to engage with the Islamic republic, said the survey published by Tel Aviv University.

But 74 percent of those questioned said they believe that new US President Barack Obama's efforts will not stop the Islamic republic from acquiring atomic weapons.


Opinion is split among left- and right-wingers about whether to attack Iran's nuclear sites, with 63 percent of those leaning to the right favouring a strike, compared with 38 percent of those leaning to the left, the poll said.


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Louise said...

I just finished watching your Islamic Crusades series and, before that, the History, Islam and Geopolitics. Loved them. Well done. You must be a historian. Are your working on the one about Islam's continuing attempt to reconquer India. I can hardly wait to see it.