Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who belongs in the Counter-Jihad Movement?

These videos were released by the United American Committee on YouTube. Speakers were hosted by ACT-Manhattan Chapter:

Can we fight Jihad and Sharia together with a 'moderate' Muslim? What divides us? What can bring us together. Is it possible?

Two counter-jihad thinkers and writers of jarringly opposite political persuasions came together to present their points of view.

Part 1: Lawrence Auster

Mr. Auster is a conservative writer with a particular emphasis on culture and immigration. His influential 1990 booklet, "The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism," made the cultural impact of mass non-Western immigration on America a legitimate topic in conservative debate. His other works on immigration include "Huddled Clich├ęs" and "Erasing America." On the Islam question, Mr. Auster has criticized mainstream conservative Islam critics who warn that Islam poses a mortal threat to our civilization but who propose no measures to stop it. He argues that the only way to assure the West's freedom from Islamic terrorism and jihad is to separate Islam permanently from the West, by stopping and reversing Muslim immigration and containing Islam in the historic Muslim lands. This policy, which he calls "Separationism," would mean in effect a return to the situation in effect during the only period since the founding of Islam when the West was safe from Islam; the three hundred years between the defeat of the Ottomans at Vienna in the late 17th century and the onset of mass Muslim immigration into the West in the late 20th century. He argues that instead of trying to spread democracy to the Islamic world, we need to stop the spread of Islam to our world. Mr. Auster maintains an active, one-person website, View From The Right.

Part 2: Supna Zaidi

Ms. Zaidi is editor-in-chief of Muslim World Today and director of Islamist Watch, a project at Daniel Pipes' Middle East Forum. Islamist Watch was created to resist Islamist attempts to spread Sharia Law in the West. She is also director of the Council of Democracy and Tolerance, a progressive Muslim think tank. She has been actively stressing how Islamists are trying to use the U.N. to censor critics of terrorism while it denigrates other religions.

Continue below the fold for Q & A in Part 3 and Part 4:

Part 3: Q & A

Part 4: Q & A

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