Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mainstream Dutch politicians proudly join anti-Jewish hate-march in Amsterdam

An excellent post from Dutch YouTuber ParadiseZion:

This video shows how "Dutch" politicians of the Socialist Party are marching shoulder to shoulder with jihadist colonists in Amsterdam. In other places GroenLinks (GreenLeft) and the Labor party also organized anti-Israel marches which all without exception ended up in anti-Semitic hate-marches reminding us of Hitler's brownshirts.

The mutual differences between the Socialist Party and Geert Wilders.

I) The Socialist Party calls for violence against Israel

II) The Socialist Party marches with the International Socialists, whose prominent members have been to meetings with Hezbollah

III) The Socialist Party and affiliated parties allowed the crowd to shout "Hamas Hamas put the Jews on the Gas"

IV) One man who waved an Israeli flag was threatened with his life by Socialists and jihadist colonists, when journalists filmed this they were also intimidated by members of the International Socialists. The Israeli flag was left their and people destroyed it.

V) The Socialist Party allowed and thus encouraged people shouting Hamas, Hezbollah, Nasrallah in the middle of our capital.

VI) This back-stabbing behavior has not been seen since world war 2

VII) Their electorate are mostly "flower power" babyboomers and jihadist colonists.

VIII) A prominent member of the left wing has equaled the existence of a centuries-old Jewish community in Amsterdam to the so-called "occupation" of the Jewish lands of Samaria and Judea. A prominent member of the left wing has been mocking the number six million, referring to the six million Jews who died in the Shoah. The Socialist Party did not condemn this atrocious act. Instead, since then it has more intensively worked with organizations who desire the destruction of the Jewish state.

IX) In some places, Hitler was admired. The police, as in one case ordered by a Muslim-Moroccan refused to intervene.

X) Is this the conscience of the flower power generation? Is this your welfare state? Your tolerance? Is this what you went to woodstock for? You call this progressive? You think by wearing a red shirt instead of the brown shirt of Hitler's cronies you are less radical? You think refusing the Jewish people the right to their own state doesn't sound in the least anti-Semitic to you?

Baby-boomers, where is your conscience?



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