Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Israeli media waking up?

YNet News (the online English version of the largest Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth) normally has centrist or left-of-center opinion pieces, but over the past 48 hours it has featured two articles that question the "two states for two peoples" conventional wisdom that governs mainstream Israeli politics:

Sara Eliash says that ‘two states for two peoples’ is an empty, deceptive leftist slogan

How many states have been established in the area that used to be called Palestine-Land of Israel? Today there are two states there, Israel and Jordan. And how many peoples live in them? If we insist on distinguishing the Palestinian people from the overall Arab world, there are two peoples living in these two countries; after all, there is no such thing as the Jordanian people, as all learned experts would agree.


The state of Jordan is ruled by the Hashemite regime (which isn’t exactly democratic); it settled there with the help of the British army. The Brits handed over the east side of the Jordan River, which was part of the mandated Land of Israel, to the Emir Abdullah, who arrived from Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, there are already two states for two peoples at this time; the only thing that possibly still remains to be done is to hold a multinational conference and decide on dividing the area in a more equal and just manner – by boosting the size of the Jewish State at the expense of Jordan.


What does the slogan “two states for two peoples” hide? In fact, we are talking about three states for two peoples, whereby we get roughly three-fourths of one country, as opposed to two and a quarter Arab states; that is, Jordan and a Palestinian state that possess 75% of the land area, and the dwarfed State of Israel, which is also home to an Arab irredenta with a hostile identity.

Modern Palestinian demand for state stems from anti-Semitic desire to harass Jews

It appears that even the most right-wing Likudniks ran out of the courage to question the basic assumptions entrenched here by the Left. Only 30-40 years ago, we were arguing whether there’s even such thing as a Palestinian people, and today there are almost no reservations over its demand for complete sovereignty. Its sophisticated PR agents managed to bring it into the family of nations via a fast tracked registration procedure. As opposed to what is customarily required, it was not required to present documents that prove longtime existence, cultural uniqueness, and previous experience in running a country.


The Kurds, for example, a people boasting a rich history and numbering 25 million souls, are forced to get by without a state of their own. The Basques, Catalonians, Corsicans, and Scots also have no state. Even the Native Americans, Flemish, the Copts and the Maronites have no state. Therefore, it is quite odd that it is precisely the absence of a Palestinian state that preoccupies the international community and the Israeli consciousness.

But in fact, it’s not so odd. The demand for the establishment of a Palestinian state, speaking of the recent Durban II conference, is another type of anti-Semitic trick against us. With all the giant states in the Middle East, it is the Jewish State that is required to share with the Palestinians the little territory that we have. Instead of our neighboring countries crowding a little more in favor of their repressed brethren, we are the only ones required to make do with less territory.

The Israeli media is generally just as leftist and self-loathing as the American media... hopefully this is a sign that even they are waking up to the dangers of two states living side-by-side in an illusive "peace."


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Zion-NJ said...

As a regular reader of Ynet's english website I was also surprised by these two editorials.

Perhaps these articles are merely proof that the dawn of an actual Palestinian state is near.

An insightful observation.