Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Geert Wilders keeps his cool amid CNN slander

It's always a pleasure to watch Geert Wilders speak. He always defends himself with dignity and grace (in this case in English, not his native language) even with the most antagonistic interviewers. This CNN stooge essentially calls him a Nazi. Wilders' moral clarity is a constant inspiration.



MAS1916 said...

It is wonderful to see a European stand up against the politically correct movement. If only this would spread to Obama's next European town hall meeting. But wait.. only Obama - approved attendees will get in.

Keep fighting the good fight on this. Wilders is indeed an inspiration and deserves support.

Gradient said...

He should have pointed out that while the OT has violent passages, ie kill all the Ammonite, Edomites, etc, nobody today, or for a long time has been doing that. Defending the OT with the NT lind of leaves Judaism out to dry, which I know wanst his intention, but really, we are not facing radical Rabi's going around to crowds of hundreds of thousands saying wipe people off the map. We are dealing with such from mullahs and imams. I love how the liberals try to make it about absolutes and so forth when they are on the ropes. They completely ignore present reality at all costs.

Abraham said...

I agree with you Gradient. The Old Testament passages deal with a specific time and place, while Jihad is an eternal obligation until the entire world is Muslim and/or submissive.

That being said there is no question that Wilders is a strong supporter of the Jewish people. He worked on an Israeli moshav as a teen and has visited the country dozens of times. He regularly stands up for Jews.

He may have been using this example because he knows the vast majority of American viewers are Christian.

Louise said...

I agree with you. His demeanor is always calm and assured. That's a good sign. Look to him to be our generation's Churchill.