Friday, April 24, 2009

Europe's demographic death-spiral

A stark summary of the disastrous demographic trends in Europe, and to a lesser extent in North America as well. If you doubt the veracity of these numbers you must read Mark Steyn's "American Alone."



Anonymous said...

while I generally agree about how bad the demographic prospects are in europe as Stein says - but since I saw one stat in the video that is way off, it makes me suspect of the other numbers without a source - it says there are 9 million muslims in the USA, a number even greater than the inflated 6 - 7 million that CAIR uses. The real number seems to be closer to 2.5 million.

From Investors Business Daily:

We've been told for years that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, and that the size of the Muslim population here has swelled to 6 million to 7 million. A new study pops that myth.
The Pew Research Center just concluded an exhaustive scientific study of the size of the U.S. Muslim population. It was able to identify only 2.35 million Muslims — less than half the figure commonly cited by Muslim activists.
Pew, a liberal group with certainly no interest in marginalizing Islam, described its study as "perhaps the most rigorous effort to date to scientifically estimate the size of the Muslim American population."


Abraham said...

I agree that the 9 million figure for the US is inflated. It's unfortunate that the creator of the video resorted to that number for shock value, because the tone and main contentions of the video are right on and the threat is real.