Thursday, April 2, 2009

Europeans may sanction the Jewish state for daring to defend itself

The new right-leaning government of Benjamin Netanyahu is less eager to commit suicide than the previous Israeli government. They've noticed that "ending the Zionist occupation of Gaza" has only brought Islamist missiles closer to their homes and children, so they have not openly endorsed the "Two-State Solution." Doing so would put another 1.5 million Arabs in the West Bank under Hamas' control and bring all major Israeli population centers and Ben-Gurion International Airport under rocket and missile fire.

On the very day the Netanyahu government took power, at least 10 European governments threatened sanctions if Israel did not sign its own death warrant. From Haaretz:

As early as this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman could face international pressure to clarify their position on the creation of a Palestinian state.

At a closed-door dinner of European Union diplomats held Friday in the Czech Republic, several senior officials said Israel must be required to present an explicit commitment accepting the principle of "two states for two peoples," and if it fails, the process of upgrading Israel-EU relations should be frozen.

At least 10 communiques from Israeli embassies in Europe arrived at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem in recent days painting a difficult picture of the level of trust felt in Europe towards the Netanyahu government, particularly on diplomatic matters.

The dispatches all had the same message: The diplomats present at the dinner criticized Israel on its handling of negotiations with the Palestinians, settlement building, the destruction of homes in East Jerusalem and the humanitarian situation in Gaza.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told Netanyahu Thursday he hopes to work in cooperation with the prime minister "to renew the peace process, in which the goal is to create an independent, sustainable Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel."

I'm curious to hear how the UN and the EU will ensure that the theoretical Palestinian state will "live in peace" with Israel. Peacekeepers? Ha.


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MAS1916 said...

Guaranteed... Europe will enjoy the protection Israel provides. Israel is the front line of defense of western civilization. Europe not only doesn't appreciate or understand it, Europe will work against it.

Bibi must stand firm.