Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dutch parliament bans dialogue with Hamas; Wilders' party flexes its muscle

Truly historic. This means that the Netherlands has a much clearer moral stance against the Islamist group than the US (after all an Obama adviser met with Hamas in 2008). This is a great victory for Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom and inspires hope that Europe may not be lost after all.

From Haaretz:

The Dutch parliament on Tuesday approved a motion seeking to block any dialogue between government officials and Hamas, Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom announced.

The motion - made in effort to counter growing calls in Europe to engage the Islamist group in dialogue - was put forward by MP Raymond de Roon, third on Wilders' list.

"We should never even talk to an organization that seeks the downfall of Israel. I am therefore glad that my resolution was accepted," de Roon said.


"Hamas is not only anti-Zionist," de Roon previously wrote about Hamas. "It is anti-Jewish and a racist organization. If the West speaks to Hamas, it will foment Jew-hatred." He added this hatred "flows directly from the pages of the Koran."

The controversial and publicly pro-Zionist Party for Freedom seeks to "protect the Netherlands from Islamization" by halting and minimizing the effects of immigration from non-Western countries. Recent polls predict the party, which in 2006 won nine seats out of 150 in parliament, would nab 32 seats if elections were held now.

Though in 2007 the party was described as a "pariah" movement, a rapprochement with other parties now seems closer. Last week former prime minister Dries Van Agt from the ruling party, the CDA, was quoted as warning his party members needed to "resist the temptation" of cooperating with Wilders' party.

I love it. Geert for President!


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MAS1916 said...

Man... at last! someone with some courage! There will hopefully appear in America, people with similar courage and backbone.