Thursday, March 12, 2009

The people of Luton have given me new faith in Western civilization

Gates of Vienna has new video from Luton that gives a more comprehensive and intimate portrayal of the clash between a group of hostile treasonous Islamists and the ordinary men and women of all races who finally got angry enough to openly denounce their disgusting antics.

I hope this will be the tipping point for the UK and the rest of Europe in confronting the elements of their societies that wish them death or submission.


3:44 - Older woman leads the crowd, "Who's pro-soldier?!"

3:56 - Police: "They're entitled to protest ma'am."
Woman with big cojones, "Yes they are and so are we! So are we!"

4:18 - "You bunch of dirty twats!"

4:45 - Sung: "We pay your benefits! We pay your benefits!" Classic British HumoUr!

5:48 - Muslims looking sheepish and intimidated.

The last point is the most important. These are not supermen. They are hateful and brainwashed but they are human and they CAN be intimidated and they CAN be defeated. All it takes is for decent people to stand up and SPEAK THE TRUTH.

God Save the Queen:

And God Bless America for good measure:

Today I am proud to be Occidental! Anglosphere, ho!!!!!


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