Monday, March 9, 2009

MSM catches up on Islamic propaganda in American school textbooks

I made a video last October [Jesus Was a "Palestinian"?] that was based on a WorldNetDaily report about pro-Islamic bias in US textbooks.

Fox News has just aired a segment about the very same study; five months later. I guess we should be thankful they are discussing it at all.


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Qualis Rex said...

This is disturbing. But in many ways, it is a bit subjective. To say the ancient Israelites contributed little in the areas of the arts or sciences is in effect pretty accurate. But why say it in a gradeschool textbook and leave out the same thing which could be said about modern day Mohammedan Arab countries?

Also, this pro-Mohammedanism bias is not limited to text books. USA Today is notorious for using quotes such as "The Holy Quran" and "the Prophet Mohammed" instead of a qualifier of "the Quran, the holy book of Islam" etc. But I do like the "bang the pot the loudest" analogy. Too bad we couldn't get a list of contact info for the publishers in question.