Thursday, March 5, 2009

Imam tells gay Muslim man clearly, directly, and with no remorse, that he should be executed

One of the most disturbing aspects of the Western dhimmi phenomenon is the refusal of gays to acknowledge that Islam is the greatest threat not only to their lifestyles, but to their lives. Thanks to VladTepesBlog:

What makes this video different, is the calm with which the imam speaks his truth. This isn’t some foaming nutbag as most of these things tend to be. This is advocating mass murder in cold blood.



Gradient said...

Ahh yes but gays in San Fran have defended islamic propaganda on city buses.. how could this be? After all that tollerance the muslims could be so homophobic?? said...

Gradient: The best response to objectionable speech is better speech. Recently, various universities banned a pro Hamas poster which was shall we say, fairly blatant misleading propaganda. Had they been allowed to post these things, we could have responded with much better ones as illustrated here. Instead, the Israel Apartheid week people now appear as free speech martyrs instead of the liars and useful idiots which in fact they are.