Saturday, March 28, 2009

EU suddenly grows balls when it comes to bullying Jews

The European Union somehow mustered the courage to warn Israeli PM-designate Benjamin Netanyahu that 'relations will become very difficult' unless he supports the creation of a Fatah/Hamas state in the West Bank and Gaza. Of course it's easier for Europeans to stand up to Jews than Muslims because it's unlikely that their home Jewish populations will react with rioting and bombings.

"We Europeans are insisting that whatever the weighting is in the two governments (Israeli and Palestinian), the creation of a two-state solution must stand first and foremost," German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said."

An EU official can't seem to get through a single statement about the Middle East without equating the democratic and pluralistic government in Israel to the fascist kleptocracy in the West Bank and the Sharia-theocracy in the Gaza Strip

"We should not always have to start from the beginning again -- that is my urgent appeal," he told reporters at talks with EU counterparts in the Czech Republic.

God forbid, we wouldn't want to waste time going back to the beginning again just because one party in the "peace process" openly calls for the destruction of the other.


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