Tuesday, February 3, 2009

UNRWA: Lords of Misery

Another great video from Pierre Rehov. Check out his YouTube channel.

This one focuses on the farcical United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which is actually a massive bureaucracy dedicated to prolonging the misery of displaced Arabs in the vicinity of Israel.

According to the UNRWA, any Arab who had lived in the Mandate of Palestine for more than 2 years in 1948 (and all of his descendants to this day) is considered a "Palestinian refugee." That means an Arab from Cairo could have moved to Jerusalem or Jaffa in 1946 (as many Arabs did for economic opportunity), heeded the call to evacuate Palestine for the final destruction of the Jews in 1948, and now he and his 10 children and his 100 grandchildren and 1,000 great-grandchildren are official "Palestinian refugees" and are wards of the UN for eternity.

Another fun fact from the video: the UN employs 1 staff person per 170 Palestinian refugees, while all other UN programs operate with 1 staff person per 4,000 refugees. The UN is obsessed with prolonging the suffering of Jews and Arabs.


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