Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thomas Madden: America's Top Crusades Historian

Thomas Madden, an historian at St Louis University, is interviewed here. He does much to dispell common myths about the Crusades, including the idea that the Crusades were an unjust, barbaric assault on a peaceful Islamic world.

The following box is a complete playlist of the series (Parts 1-4):



Anonymous said...

Madden's 2 short pieces on the crusades and the spanish inquisition were 2 of the first pieces on this subject that I read that first opened my eyes to the myths surrounding the crusades. I just finished part one of this video, and because I have learned a lot about islamic supremacism and jihad since then, something jumps out at me - He was asked by Prager how so much formerly christian land became muslim; he asked about why everyone converted. I think he way downplays how the second class or dhimmi status that he admitted was prevalent, played a bigger part than he said. I am under the impression from reading R. Spencer, Bostom, Ye'or, etc, that it made life so difficult, so dangerous, so humiliating, including paying the jizya which Madden did not mention, that this is the main reason they got so many to convert so quickly - it just made practical sense to many. To someone listening to this interview who doesn't know about islamic supremacism and jihad, and the 3 choices it offers non muslims - convert, accept islamic rule and pay the jizya, or the military jihad continues - Madden makes it seem like many converted because it was just the thing to do. I am unconvinced of that, I wonder if Madden has read Bostom's 2 books.


QualisRex said...

I haven't read the books (yet) but I enjoyed Madden's interview. Prager sounds like a real tool and very clueless.