Sunday, February 8, 2009

Persecution of former Muslims in Britain

This clip from the UK show "Dispatches" tells the story of a Muslim man who converted to Christianity, and the subsequent abuse and violence directed at his family in accordance with Islamic law.

Of course in the PC tradition the reporter is careful to use such phrases as "some Muslims believe converting to another religion is an act of apostasy."

But to his credit he reads some blunt statements from several books he's just picked up from the local Islamic bookstore:

"The punishment by death in the case of apostasy has been unanimously agreed upon by all the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence."

"Any muslim who changes his or her religion, kill him or her."

"Anyone who rejects Islam and abandons it, cut off his head."

In a world of reason the analysis would end there. The thugs who are harassing this convert and his family are acting in accordance with mainstream Islamic thought. Actually, they are relatively "moderate" because they have not killed the apostate, merely destroyed his property and harassed and threatened him, his wife, and five children. But because we live in a world of politically correct nonsense, the reporter goes on to interview an Islamic cleric who says those excitable young vandals are simply misunderstanding the tenets of the great Religion of Peace.



Anonymous said...

To be fair, if you read the Koran, you see that the only punishment for apostasy comes from god.

The Hadiths are an other matter. Sure two collections of hadith do have a mention of killing someone who turns away from god (the same penalty as in the Bible) But they go against the the verse in the Koran which starts 'there should be no compulsion in religion' So the interviewed scholar is actually correct on this.

However Islamic communities tend to be very led on the interpretation of Islam, and not actually read their holy texts.

Anonymous said...

Oh and in Islam the hadith are the collected sayings of Mohammed (like the gospels) and the Koran is the word of God as narrated by the angel Gabriel, so with any dispute between the Koran and a hadith the Koran should win.