Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Middle-class Britons wear keffiyeh's and throw things at police?

Britain faces summer of rage - police

Middle-class anger at economic crisis could erupt into violence on streets

The pictorial accompaniment to this Guardian piece speaks the words that the text wouldn't dare. The article bizarrely refers to "middle-class anger" as a likely catalyst for riots this summer. Either the British conception of "middle-class" is radically different from the American, or (perhaps more likely) the Guardian has its own particular definition of "middle-class."

The caption says that the pictured protesters are "clashing with police in London over Israel's action in Gaza," yet the article itself does not mention "Islam" or "Muslim" once. It doesn't even mention "youths."

I don't doubt that jobless middle and working-class Britons will be upset about the economic situation this summer, and may strike, and may even demonstrate aggressively in the street. But the more serious threat to "community cohesion" is the Islamic rioter. Striking workers can be satiated with concessions and government money, but Islam has a hunger that goes beyond anything the infidel UK government can offer.


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