Monday, February 16, 2009

Lord Ahmed insists on legal action against UK Jews; apparently UK Muslims fighting in Jihadist wars across the planet do not concern him

Listen to this fat, arrogant, Islamist manslaughterer complain about UK Jews committing "war crimes" in the IDF:

Most people are familiar with the 7/7 bombings carried out by Muslim citizens of the UK on their own neighbors. Here's a small sample of the violence British Muslims have been perpetrating on the rest of the world:

3 UK Muslims killed fighting for Taliban

British Muslims "fighting with Taliban in Afghanistan"

British Muslims fighting alongside Taliban, commanders claim

British Muslims have become a mainstay of the global Jihad

70 British Muslims join Iraq insurgency

UK draws up list of 100 British Muslims fighting in Iraq War

British Muslims aid Taliban in attacks on UK soldiers in Afghanistan

Is Lord Ahmed equally disturbed by these instances of British citizens committing war crimes abroad? No, apparently violence committed abroad by British citizens is fine as long as they are Muslim.

Here's a bonus clip of this odious man comparing Salman Rushdie to a Holocaust denier and referring to the Turkish genocide of Armenians as an "alleged genocide." This man is sickening, it is a crime against decency that he has a seat of power in a Western government:


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