Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hamas Prepared for 1-year truce!

... that is, if Israel is willing to let them rearm and import all the missiles they want.

From AP:

CAIRO – Hamas officials said Tuesday they are ready to commit to a cease-fire with Israel for at least a year in exchange for a full opening of Gaza's borders, as the group began a new round of truce talks with Egyptian mediators.

At the same time, foreign ministers of pro-U.S. Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, met in the United Arab Emirates in a show of unity in support for Egypt's efforts to forge a long-term truce and against Iran, Hamas' most important ally.

It is increasingly apparent that Egypt and the rest of the Sunni Arab world are tired of all the trouble that Iran's terrorist proxy makes for them; out of sheer self-preservation they are turning on Hamas.

Hamas demands that any truce include the opening of borders into Gaza, which Israel and Egypt have largely kept sealed since the group seized control of the territory from the rival Fatah faction in 2007.

Why doesn't the international Left protest against Egypt for oppressing the Palestinians? If the Palestinians were indeed starving, Egypt would be just as culpable as Israel.

Hamas also wants a role in administering the border crossings in recognition of its power in Gaza.

Israel says it won't ease the 20-month blockade of the densely populated and impoverished coastal strip without international guarantees that Hamas will be prevented from smuggling more weapons into Gaza. It does not want any deal to give Hamas a role in controlling Gaza border crossings.

Hamas remains committed to Israel's destruction and refused to renounce violence. Both the U.S. and Israel consider it a terrorist group.

Translation: "If you allow us to regroup, retrain, and import weapons to kill you, we'll wait one year to do it." No thanks.


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