Monday, February 9, 2009

Despite Hamas' claims of victory in the recent war, the people they govern are not exactly convinced

Palestinian poll: Hamas support drops

A Palestinian poll conducted after Operation Cast Lead has found that 56 percent of residents in the Gaza Strip and 48.3% of Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem believe Hamas is leading them in the wrong direction.


Today, Hamas is supported by only 27.8% of the population in the Gaza Strip, compared to 51.5% in November, said Dr. Nabil Kukali, founder and general director of the PCPO.

Fatah's popularity in the Hamas-controlled coastal territory lies at 42.5%, compared to 31.4% in November.


In the West Bank and east Jerusalem, Fatah is now supported by 39.2%, while Hamas is supported by only 23.7%, according to the poll.

I can't imagine why these folks are dissatisfied with their leadership. Maybe Hamas' tendency to murder any dissenters in the Strip is part of it?:

Three weeks after the devastating military offensive in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, it was clear that there was significant anger and fear on the streets of Gaza. But not all of it was directed at or because of Israel.

In a bustling downtown commercial district, a taxi driver named Emad agreed to talk to a Western reporter on the street about the lack of security he felt following Operation Cast Lead.

"Every day is a war here," he said last week. "Each day we hear threats from Israel about war."

But when asked whether he thought that Hamas or Fatah had been strengthened because of Operation Cast Lead, Emad shook his head and quickly walked away.

"If I talk about this, I'm afraid that Hamas will come and kill me," he told another taxi driver accompanying the reporter, before walking off.


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