Thursday, January 29, 2009

"THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR ZIONISTS": Analysis of a YouTube spamming

I received this spam comment on my two latest videos: Root Causes of the Gaza Conflict and "Allahu-Akbar" in Context. The YouTube account apparently belongs to a 19 year-old in Saudi Arabia using the name saad6633. Regardless of who the user really is or who wrote the script for them, I think this is an interesting artifact of anti-Jewish Jihadi propaganda.


1 Thou shall commit BLASPHEMY against Prophet Mohammad and Islam
2 Thou shall INCITE HATRED against Muslims
3 Thou shall MURDER Palest
4 Thou shall STEAL Palest land
5 Thou shall WHINGE about Holocaust
6 Thou shall not let anyone question HOLOCAUST MYTH
7 Thou shall Call Anti-Zionist Jew a SELF HATER
8 Thou shall HIDE behind US
9 Thou shall LIE about Bani Khazaria
10 Thou shall pretend SECULAR

Notice that the number 1 item on this list of Zionist crimes is "BLASPHEMY against the Prophet Muhammad and Islam," a statement that has nothing to do with the 1948 borders or the 1967 borders or the withdrawal of settlements. The primary quarrel here is religious.

In numbers 6 and 7 we see the mainstream Islamic tradition of downplaying and denial of the Holocaust.

In number 9 the author refers to "Bani Khazaria". I can't tell if that's a play on words or a silly mistake. The "Banu Quraiza" were a Jewish tribe in Arabia that Mohammed slaughtered and enslaved early on in his career. Meanwhile, "Khazaria" was a steppe region inhabited by Turkic people whose elites converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. It has been suggested by Western and Islamic anti-semites alike that Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews are not "Jews" at all, but descend from the Khazars, and therefore have no connection to the land of Israel. The author of this spam has combined these two concepts and warned me not to "LIE about the Banu Khazaria," truly a bizarre and nonsensical concept.

And so you see children, we can learn from everything, even Jihadist spam.


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QualisRex said...

Regardless of who wrote it, it shows a mentality that is as illogical as it is juvenile. Which makes me beleive the 19-year-old Saudi Mohammedan probably got it from a 60-something Imam.