Friday, January 23, 2009

PLO: "Hamas exploiting blood spilled in Gaza"

Aide to Abbas says PA will not allow Hamas to turn Gaza into a 'separatist entity' following IDF op

The Palestinian Authority will not allow Hamas to turn Gaza into a "separatist entity" in the wake of Israel's military operation there, a senior aide to president Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday.

"We will not allow the creation of a separatist entity, no matter what the price," Yasser Abed Rabbo told a press conference. "The plot aiming to separate Gaza from the West Bank will not pass."

Abbas has not controlled Gaza since June 2007, when Hamas booted forces loyal to his secular Fatah party from the coastal strip.

Abed Rabbo accused Hamas's exiled political chief Khaled Mashaal of "using slogans and exploiting the blood spilled in Gaza to cover his separatist projects."

He also accused "Hamas gangs" in Gaza of ordering dozens of Fatah members under house arrest during the Israeli offensive and of "arresting, beating and shooting in the legs" others.

Another reminder that the West Bank and Gaza are one organic nation just about as much as Egypt and Syria were. Fatah/PLO heads a standard Arab-nationalist klepto-state on the West Bank, and Hamas runs and religiofascist Muslim Brotherhood state in Gaza. Lately even the mainstream media has begun to say "Gazans" as opposed to "Palestinians," because it is self-evident that the politics of Gaza have little to do with the West Bank.


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