Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Arab skepticism on Hamas' "Great Victory"

Lebanese Journalists 'Uqab Saqr and May Chidiac Criticize Arab TV Channels for Showing Graphic Footage from Gaza: Israelis Value Human Life More Than Us

Broadcast: January 8, 2009

On a January 8, 2009 segment on LBC TV, Lebanese journalists 'Uqab Saqr and May Chidiac condemned the Arab media for showing graphic footage from Gaza, including "body parts and bits of flesh."

The following are excerpts from the LBC segment:

"How Can All This Destruction and Blood Cause Exhilaration?"

Uqab Saqr: "Arab mentality has been accustomed to defeats with many casualties. Today, Hamas and Hizbullah suffer tremendous casualties, but no defeats. This leads Arab mentality to a sense of exhilaration. The West - and most of us - do not understand this. How can all this destruction and blood cause exhilaration?"

May Chidiac: "Personally, I dont understand how they can show body parts and bits of flesh on TV. Some may view this as a victory, but I consider it to be sacrificing our children."

"You, Me, and the Whole World Ask How This Can Be Described as a Victory - The Resistance Movement Views Things Differently"

Uqab Saqr: "Of course. You, me, and the whole world ask how this can be described as a victory. The resistance movement views things differently. It believes that its survival as a resistance movement, and its maintaining of its regional confrontation plan, are more important than avoiding the death of some martyrs, because in its view, there is a cause that is more important than the human factor, while others believe that the human factor is the central issue in our countries." [...]

The Israelis "Value Human Life More Than We Do; We Have No Respect for Human"

May Chidiac: "Are our children worth less than [Israeli] children?"

Uqab Saqr: "The question is why their blood is worth more than ours, and the answer, to be frank, is that they value human life more than we do. We have no respect for human life in our society - you see this in our jails, in the crimes we commit against one another. Look back a little, and see what happened between Fatah and Hamas. The Israeli newspapers wrote that there were massacres, and some Fatah members fled to Israel for fear of Hamas." [...]

"Osama Hamdan Said That Israeli Arabs Should Shake The Foundations of Israel... We Have Never Heard Any Israeli Official Telling [Jews and Israelis in the U.S.] to Shake the Foundations of Anything"

"Osama Hamdan said that Israeli Arabs should shake the foundations of Israel from within. The Jews and Israeli citizens in America serve Israel 24 hours a day, but we have never heard any Israeli official telling them to shake the foundations of anything in the service of Israel. On the contrary, they say to them: Assimilate in U.S. society, and serve the Israeli cause."

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