Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israel is winning, confronting terrorists works; NO MORE APPEASEMENT

If a tiny nation literally surrounded by Jihadist enemies can fight back, so can the US and Europe! And so we will or perish.

Opinion from the Jerusalem Post; Hamas Is Blind:

"The Jews in the State of Israel, despite being victims of war and terror, do not seem to be leaving their homes in droves. Israel has the economy of a small European nation and is thriving as a democracy despite the corruption of its leaders.

Hamas's leaders must be blind. They do not have the eyes to see that the sustained bombing of Sderot has only produced human misery for Jews and for themselves. The Jews are fighting in Gaza. Innocent civilians die when Israel targets the terrorist infrastructure. Who is to blame for this crisis? Israel left Gaza long ago. This territory belongs to the Palestinians. Why in the world did Hamas fire rockets into Israel after it left?

The hate of Israel that results from their understanding of Islam blinds Hamas terrorists to a reality that must trouble them, gnaw away at their confidence and overturn their sacred understanding of history's rights and wrongs. Samson was seduced by the delusion of love and paid a high cost. The followers of Hamas are driven by the delusion of erasing the shame of 1948, and they cannot move beyond that.

I find it amazing and exhilarating that the Knesset could recently invite a leader of today's Germany to speak only 65 years after the Nazis destroyed two-thirds of European Jewry. The message of the invitation was not one of forgetting the Holocaust or forgiving the perpetrators and their collaborators. Rather, the Jewish state understood that it needed to overcome the psychology of the victim and display the dignity of a victor. The Arab world and the Islamic populations in the Middle East are, for the most part, still living in a 60-year-old world that they have not been able to surmount. For more than half a century the anti-Israel rhetoric in the Middle East has remained the same. "

"If Sderot were the only issue in the war in Gaza, it would be disturbing but not alarming. But the alarm must be sounded. With Iran's pursuing the development of nuclear weapons, with Hizbullah dominating the government of Lebanon, with Hamas targeting larger cities in Israel's interior - this blindness to the reality of a thriving Israel poses a disaster to the world. Israel's enemies delude themselves into thinking it is on its last legs and about to topple into the sea. But as the war in Gaza has proven, Israel is ready to fight back and defend its sovereignty and its reality in history."

Fight on Israel.

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