Monday, January 26, 2009

IDF Battalion Commander: "Death before capture"

This (so far unidentified) IDF officer didn't want his soldiers to suffer the same fate as Gilad Shalit. Western armies need more hard-ass leaders like this guy if we want to win this war.

In a tape recording of a briefing the commander of Battalion 51 gave his soldiers before entering Gaza during Operation Cast Lead the senior officer was heard saying: "Hamas's strategic weapon is to kidnap a soldier and I don't have to tell you but no soldier from Battalion 51 gets kidnapped at any price and under any situation even if it means that he has to blow up his grenade together with those who are trying to kidnap him."

"We are going to explain to the Palestinian enemies what it means to mess with Israel. It is important that you understand we are going into a war. The coiled spring of Battalion 51 is going to pop in the face of these Palestinians," he is heard saying in the recording.


"In the name of these values we fight, and in their name we shall win," 51's commander is heard telling the men at the end of the recording.


During Operation Cast Lead, Hamas tried kidnapping soldiers on a number of occasions. In one case, a soldier from an Engineering Corps unit fought face-to-face with two Hamas gunmen who tried pulling him into a tunnel. In another case, a group of soldiers were injured in a booby-trapped home and another unit stormed the building after there was a tunnel inside that Hamas planned to use to kidnap some of the wounded soldiers.

The commander of Battalion 51, who cannot be identified due to IDF restrictions on officers who participated in the operation, is a respected officer who served in several command posts in Golani's elite Egoz Unit.


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