Sunday, January 4, 2009

Czech President Vaclav Klaus is my new hero

First he supports Israel's ground offensive in Gaza... now he's denouncing global warming extremists and lambasting the European Union itself? I love this man.

EU's new figurehead believes climate change is a myth

The European Union's new figurehead believes that climate change is a dangerous myth and has compared the union to a Communist state.

The Czech president, who caused a diplomatic incident by dining with opponents of the EU’s Lisbon treaty on a recent visit to Ireland, has a largely ceremonial role.

But there are already fears that, after the dynamic EU presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy - including his hyper-active attempts at international diplomacy over the credit crisis and Georgia as well as an historic agreement to cut greenhouse gases - the Czech effort will be mired in infighting and overshadowed by the platform it will give to Mr Klaus and his controversial views.

Apparently it's controversial to show any pride in being a Westerner.

Tensions recently erupted between Mr Klaus and Brussels when a private meeting with senior MEPs descended into a slanging match after they presented him with an EU flag and said that they were not interested in his Eurosceptic views.

Mr Klaus responded: “No one has spoken to me in this style and tone in my six years here. I thought these methods ended for us 18 years ago. I see I was wrong.”

He is undeniably popular with Czech voters, having been Prime Minister from 1992-97, overseeing the harmonious break-up with Slovakia, and president since 2003. An economist who spent much of his working life at the Czechoslovak State Bank during the Iron Curtain years, he became active in politics as a champion of free market economics after 1989 and is said to keep a photo of Lady Thatcher, who he greatly admires, on his desk.

Klaus is a European I can respect.

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Alcuin said...

Like your site, and agree with this post (from the UK). No one who decries Israel's actions offers any other solution to stop the rockets. I believe the situation in the Levant will deteriorate, with Hezbollah launching a far more concerted attack. Then more of us will have to choose sides, as you and I have already.

Not sure what you mean by "global warming extremists". With a technical training and career, I cannot ignore hard evidence. I believe global warming is real, happening, and due to human activities. But I do not believe it will be stopped, so do not support extreme actions. We must all find local sources for water, food and energy, and raise and defend our borders. There will be loss of life this century on an unprecedented scale.