Saturday, January 31, 2009

Actual reporting from Gitmo (as opposed to irresponsible self-serving bombast)

I generally don't like FOX's Catherine Herridge, but here she does glean some good information about Gitmo. Prisoners with good behavior get 18 HOURS A DAY outside???? I'm not an expert on American prisons, but I do believe that's unheard of. Why are violent Islamists getting special treatment? Video from 1/30/08:

The warden on the progressive views of the inmates:

There's many things that can agitate our population. We've had some that a simple advertisement on TV with nothing more than a fully-clothed female who was washing her arms, I believe it was the Palmolive advertisement just agitated them, set them off. We had one population that destroyed a television over that type of advertisement.

This is happening in 2009?


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