Monday, December 22, 2008

"Rosengård Gangstas" and other video from the Malmo Intifada

Gates of Vienna had a detailed post today about the Muslim/leftist violence in Malmo, Sweden:

For the last few days young Muslim immigrants in the Rosengård district of Malmö have been rioting. The trouble started over the closure of a storefront mosque, and escalated to the point where Rosengård resembles the banlieues of Paris, with burning cars, rock-throwing “youths”, Molotov cocktails, and violent battles with police.

In searching for video footage of the conflict I came across some interesting artifacts.

First I noticed that a YouTube friend of mine had posted a short video of a fiery street disturbance:

The "related videos" section led me to a dozen or so live videos taken by a YouTuber in Sweden named "Affectations", who is apparently an Iraqi-born 18-year-old; he's one of those ubiquitous but nebulous "immigrant youths" we always hear about in the mainstream media. Here's his explanation of the conflict in broken English:

About what happend is that the police hurted a 14 years old arab and they shuted down the basement-mosque in Ramels Väg (Street). That is why the owner didn't pay the rent/tax (maybe).

200, 300 teenage muslims planed and started thier revenge and revolution.

They buyed fireworks and made homemade bombs, throwing them at the police and screaming "Fu*k the police!" and
"Detest the police!"

The homemade bombs are so strong that you feel that someone is kicking the window when it's exploding a 100 meter away.
Or more...

It will explode only if you hit the target.

These kings/heros are nothing to play with

Later he asserts that he is merely an observer with a camera and did not take part in what he calls the "Rosegard Revolution".

I'm arabmuslim and I'm not criminal or anything. The only thing I was doing there was filming. If you think I'm one of them, then I wouldn't filmed and puted this up on YouTube. Think about that!

Here's one of his videos, see his channel for the rest:

And perhaps more disturbing than the violence was a home-made "slideshow" video featuring Arab youths from Rosegard set to what appears to be a horrible Swedish take on rap:

From the video description:

rosengårds gangstrar ni vet va ni e nigga

And to round off your video-immersion into the culture of Malmo's "immigrant youth," here's a low-budget rap video called "Rosengard." Enjoy!

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