Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Modern War: Israel gave notice to Gaza civilians with text messages

We live in an era of post-modern warfare, in which Western actors (or perceived Western actors) must forfeit the lives of their soldiers to protect the "human rights" of Islamic combatants. Meanwhile, the Islamic combatants spit on modern gestures like the "Geneva Convention"; they have regularly sawed the heads off of captives with dull knives for worldwide media publication.

Israel's retaliatory airstrikes on Saturday were immediately and forcefully condemned by the Islamic world and several important European countries. In the Arab world the strikes have already been compared to the Holocaust.

On the day before the bombing Israel allowed humanitarian and medical aid to trucked from Israel to Gaza, and these humanitarian shipments resumed on the day after the bombing:

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak on Sunday authorised a humanitarian envoy to enter the Gaza Strip, where a massive Israeli air campaign has killed more than 270 people in less than a day.

The Kerem Shalom crossing in southern Gaza will be opened "so a convoy transporting humanitarian aid and medicine will be able to pass through," a spokeswoman said.

Israel has kept Gaza largely sealed off since Hamas violently seized power there in June 2007, overrunning forces loyal to secular Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

It allowed the passage of aid trucks on Friday, the day before it unleashed a massive air bombardment of Hamas targets, which medics say has killed more than 270 people and wounded more than 60.

I don't remember the Soviets delivering truckloads of food and medical supplies to Nazi Berlin when they crushed the city and its civilian population in 1945.

Before the airstrikes the Israeli military went to the trouble of sending thousands of cell-phone messages to Gazan civilians warning them to avoid the target areas:

Militants often operate against Israel from civilian areas. Late Saturday, thousands of Gazans received Arabic-language cell-phone messages from the Israeli military, urging them to leave homes where militants might have stashed weapons.

As far as I know Hitler did not drop warning pamphlets on Jewish neighborhoods in Eastern Europe before enslaving their inhabitants and systematically killing them.

The post-modern sycophants at the UN should be praising Israel for reaching the very height of the self-destructive "progressiveness" they all aspire too. Israel is actively funding and supplying it's own genocidal enemies, even as they continuously shower rockets on Israeli civilians.

The outrage is not that the Israeli airstrike took place... the outrage is that it didn't occur sooner and with more ferocity.

Oh, I almost forgot... Israel is admitting injured Gazans into Israeli hospitals for treatment. Absurdity.


Top Kafir said...

The IDF, as you know, consistently holds itself to a markedly higher standard of comportment and concern for "innocent" civilians than any military force in history. The Israeli people practice, don't just give lip service to, but implement, medical and humanitarian compassion beyond all historical or reasonable expectation.

We all ought admire Jewish standards of humanity, but as you state, they may result in national and ethnic suicide when practiced against the barbaric hatred of the jihadist enemy.

The endemic anti-Israeli bias of the Western media -- not to mention the Al-Jezirah crowd -- looks to me simply a contemporary expression of anti-semetism.

(If I'm posting this twice, beg pardon. I am confused about this comment-posting procedure.)

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