Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas: Islamic intolerance in Nazareth

Muslims are asserting their dominance in one of the most important cities of Christianity. Keep in mind Nazareth is WITHIN ISRAEL, the Jewish state. Muslims are the minority yet they are brazen enough to post this intimidating message in the public square. This is a taste of what a "bi-national" state of "Palestine" would look like; no tolerance for non-Muslims.

As Christmas Approaches, Muslims Erect ‘Allah Has No Son’ Banner in Nazareth

NAZARETH, Israel (CNS) -- A large white banner proclaiming the power of Allah in English and Arabic stretches between two light poles and a date palm tree at the entrance of the plaza in front of the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

"He is Allah (the) one and only. Allah the eternal, absolute. He begetteth not nor was he begotten. And there is none like unto him," says the banner, quoting the Quran, the sacred book of Islam.

In contrast, on a dreary rainy late-December day the only Christmas decorations along the main thoroughfare of the city are in a few private shops with flashing lights, hanging Santa Claus dolls and Christmas trees in the window. The municipality flicks on the Christmas lights at night.

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