Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Massacre 3: George Galloway Blames the British For Islamic Terrorism in Mumbai

Hideous British politician George Galloway is a reliable weather-vane for the opinions of the Moonbat Left. Here he is blaming the Mumbai murders on "the British" and "imperialism in general." Keep in mind the British withdrew from India 61 years ago. Pakistan and India are "big boys" and are able to make their own decisions.

Furthermore, he completely omits the fact that Islamic imperialists ruled over India for centuries. Perhaps the legacy of that conquest, which began 500 years before Europeans came onto the Indian scene, may be the root of Hindu-Muslim acrimony. Of course such a line of thought eludes Galloway and other leftists because it does not place the guilt unequivocally upon the West.

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Ashok Roy said...

But how could you spare US imperialism ?

Abraham said...

Ashok, honestly I'm not sure what you're saying here. Could you expand on that thought?

Ginro said...

I watched fifteen seconds of that and had to stop the video. I cannot stand that man, and the bull he spouts. He blames everyone else for all the Islamists ills except the people that really are to blame, the Islamists themselves. Typical left-wing nutjob.

Buraq Osama said...

George Orwell wrote something about pacifism not being impartial, but rather almost exclusively aimed at the defense of Western democracy, particularly the US and Great Britain.

Communist and muslim invasions incite no anti-war protests from the left. In fact, they demonstrate flagrant support for them.

This Galloway chap seems familiar. Didn't he say something just as offensive about 9/11 or the Iraq War? I was but a young lad at the time, but I remember seeing him and he was not the man who wrote "We Were Soldiers, Once and Young." Different Galloway.