Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Massacre 1: "British Men Among the Terrorists"

And by "British Men" they mean "Muslims from Pakistan who choose to reside in the infidel realm called the United Kingdom to sponge welfare benefits and kill people in the name of Islam".

Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, reportedly said.

Britain and Western Europe's abject failure to assimilate Muslim immigrants threatens to destabilize the entire continent, and as seen from the Mumbai incident even threatens non-Muslim governments and peoples far from European shores. Muslim British Jihadists have also been involved in suicide bombings in Israel, and have played a significant role in the nihilistic bloodbaths commonly referred to as "insurgencies" in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia. British multiculturalist appeasement is truly a threat to the entire world.

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Buraq Osama said...

Great Britain just legalized rulings of Sharia courts!

muslim youths burned Paris.

The birth rate of muslims in Russia is more than five times the native Russian birthrate (who abort more babies than are born).

A Turk has gained a major position in the German Bundestag (parliament).

Serbians, as evil and ruthless as they were, claimed that the muslims were taking over Bosnia and Kosovo by outbreeding them.

Israel is under attack by terrorists inside Israel, from Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, and Syria.

Iran is still working on nuclear weapons and the UN is doing nothing about it. Maybe because a muslim is in charge of their Atomic Energy Agency.

I saw a speech by Mark Steyn who really scared me about the latest invasion of islam into the west through breeding, terrorism, in our courts, and apparently in the halls of legislatures.

We even have a muslim apostate as our future president. (just kidding. I don't think he's muslim but he was born that way like me).