Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Michael Savage "Savages" the Barbary Pirates

On 11/18/08 Michael Savage had a nice monologue about the same Barbary Pirate history I touched on in Islamic Crusades 5. He gives it a bit more flair, and provides more background on the birth pangs of the US Navy.

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A. Truman North said...

You know, I heard that segment, and I thought something wasn't quite right about the story. I had a sinking suspicion that he was talking about the Marines, not the Navy. Good story nonetheless, but I just have this nagging suspicion...

Best Regards

Abraham said...

Truman, he was talking about both. At the time the Marines were strictly ship-born infantry, so they accompanied the Navy on these expeditions. The sea action in the Barbary Wars involved the Navy (and sometimes the Marines too if a ship was boarded), while the land engagements involved the Marines.