Monday, November 3, 2008

Israel: Right-Wing Parties Unite

From Ynet News:

A new right-wing party that brings together four existing factions has been inaugurated at the Knesset Monday. The new party is a merger of the National Union, National Religious Party, Tkuma, and Moledet.

New party members have pledged to "lead a new national agenda, to be topped by Jewish education and the State of Israel's Jewish identity, social welfare…Jewish morality, settlement activity, as well as diplomatic and security issues."

Why is this important to you? Because if this party can get enough seats to form a majority coalition with Bibi Netanyahu's right-center Likud Party, Israel may actually have a government in place in February 2009 that is serious about security. That means they may actually do what any responsible democratic government would do in their situation, and surgically neuter Iran's nuclear capabilities.

The alternative to this is to wait for a mass-casualty attack in Israel or elsewhere in the West, increasing the likelihood of a rash Western response with huge Iranian civilian casualties. Striking the nuclear targets now is the only way to avoid mass civilian targets on both sides in the near future.

But I would encourage Americans not to throw all the responsibility on the Israelis. If elections go the other way and Livni's Kadima leads the government, they will be as helpless and morally vacuous as we would be under an Obama presidency.

To say that these coming days and weeks and months are critical to the future of humanity is an understatement.

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