Friday, November 14, 2008

Confront Jihad with the power of your own voice!

I've been inspired to create a new project, and I need your help.

If you are able to speak, you qualify.

Recently I've met a string of fascinating people through my work here on the blog and on YouTube. One of them is a young Iranian who dreams of throwing off the shackles of Islam and restoring Iran to its pre-Islamic glory. I had always hoped that such people existed, but never spoke to them directly. Coincidentally in the same week I've become acquainted with a diverse array of people who sympathize with my outlook: British Persians, Indian Hindus, American Hindus, Jewish Canadians, secular Europeans, gay Americans, all manner of people who are threatened by Islam in one way or another.

I want to hear your testimony about your experiences with Islam. This can be as extreme as living under Shariah-law in an Islamic country, or as mundane as experiencing the gradual politically-correct accommodation of Islam that is creeping into the West.

I want to create a video (or series of videos) using voices from around the world to illustrate the universal threat that Islam poses. You don't need to have an exotic background; everyone's perspective is important and essential to the overall picture.

I am focusing on audio here, because this is a sensitive subject and I suspect many of you would be reluctant to show your face. However, if you do feel comfortable making a video I would be honored to include it in this project!

Read further if you want to get involved...

To join this project please submit an email to occidentalsoapbox[at]yahoo[dot]com with the following info. Please feel free to omit any information that would compromise your security or privacy.

1. NAME: This can be your real first name, internet handle, or completely made up.

2. LOCATION: Where you currently live... this can be continent, country, state, city, whatever level of detail you're comfortable with.

3. ORIGINS: Please indicate if you were born/raised/educated somewhere else, especially if it was in the Islamic world.

4. SUBJECT: Give me an indication of what you'll be talking about. It can be as simple as "growing up as a dhimmi in Egypt" or "taxi experience in Los Angeles," but feel free to expand on your idea as well.

NOTE: I don't want to limit the length, but keep in mind that Youtube videos are limited to 10 minutes and I'd like to include several stories in each video. Keep in mind I may edit for time constraints or to highlight what I think is a particularly powerful passage in your story. I'm running Windows and mp3 would be the easiest format for me to work with.

Please submit only this basic information first so I have an idea of the level of response. I will let you know when to submit an actual file.

Thanks, and I can't wait to see what you come up with! Spread the word.

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