Friday, November 7, 2008

An Appeal to Intellectually Honest Atheists and Secularists

Full text follows:

Most cultures on earth see no use for the Western notion of individual rights, or like the Islamic world they openly and violently oppose it. Meanwhile, our cousins and the originators of the Enlightenment, the Europeans, have shown that they cannot be trusted to carry on the tradition. In the 20th century many of their nations regressed into spasms of Fascism and Communism, ideologies that rejected religion and yet animated millions of supposedly civilized Westerners into the brutal murder of millions of their countrymen and neighbors. It permanently shattered the psyche of the continent.

Amid the publicly-funded gluttony of the past few decades, Europe has wholeheartedly embraced the sterile atheism that many of you recommend for America. In the UK, only 7% of the population attends church regularly. I know atheists may like that idea on the surface, but there are unintended consequences that may be lethal. That grinding secularization has left a huge spiritual vacuum that the sugary distractions of post-modern culture have not been able to fill. We know this because the gap is being filled by another religion called Islam.

Most European countries do not have the protection of time-honored constitutions that enumerate inviolable rights, and so they have passed laws that forbid the criticism of Islam for reasons of political correctness. When a civilization has abandoned the concept of honoring long-established principles, it has deemed itself unworthy to determine right from wrong. When a society degrades its own culture and history, its people are compelled to fetishize anything foreign, no matter how retrograde, and backwards, and theocratic it is.

And so I appeal to the rational thinkers among both Atheists and Christians. The United States was founded in part as a rejoinder to religious tyranny. We created a document, which despite its flaws has miraculously maintained personal and communal religious freedoms while providing an exceptionally stable secular government for over 200 years.

I know this will make some Atheist heads spin, but the continuing power of a culturally confident America is the greatest hope we have to ensure that individualism, enlightened republicanism, and yes secular government have a future in our world.

Be thankful that some of your countrymen still believe in right and wrong, and can condemn Jihadism unequivocally, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.

For those who equate Christianity to Islam, ask yourselves this question: why is it that the Enlightenment, the scientific method, and secular thought in general emerged centuries ago in the former Christendom, but is stifled to this day in Islam? Why are you allowed to voice your opinions freely and even exert control over major sectors of society in the West, while your counterparts in the Islamic world are put to death or intimidated into silence?

Here’s what it comes down to: are you an atheist, or just anti-Christian? If you are a rational atheist, you will assess our world’s situation objectively and recognize that Christianity as a political doctrine is a spent force, while political Islam is thriving, growing, and invading, and if we don’t put up a stiff defense, it will overwhelm us.

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