Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"2008: The Best Presidency Money Can Buy"

I can't add much to the eloquent words of mourning and inspiration erupting across the Blogosphere this morning, but I can highlight one aspect of the naked hypocrisy of our disgraceful media.

John Sidney McCain III has spent approximately $293 million on this campaign, while Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama-Soetoro-Dunham, Jr. has spent $573 million. In other words, Obama spent 196% more McCain.

In comparison, Bush ($345 million) outspent Kerry ($310 million) in 2004 by a margin of 11%.

If the roles were reversed this year, you know damn well that the media would call this "the Presidency that Republican/capitalist/corporate/warmonger/pigs bought with dirty money". The election result may have been written with an exceptionally weak lame-duck president and a perfectly-timed financial meltdown, but it was sealed with public-relations stunts, media saturation, and LOTS and LOTS of MONEY.

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Arius said...

The election of BHO is a MSM coup d'etat that ran interference for him from day one. The MSM will cover for him as long as possible. We are now in a race between the public starting to see who he actually is and implementation of the Democrat strategy to preempt any backlash by shutting down the anti-BHO alternative press.

Abraham said...

Agreed. I for one believe that his many skeletons will be fully aired over the next years. They've been artificially suppressed for the election. We still have the first amendment. As long as he doesn't destroy that (which he cannot in the required time) the truth will come out. I tend to think the limping and overly-taxed depression economy and his impotence in the face of an explosion of Jihadist violence will overshadow the sins of his past associations.

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