Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Rally in Congressman John Murtha's Home District

Well, this isn't my usual stock and trade but I got tickets to a Sarah Palin rally so I figured I would share the sights and sounds with you all. Unfortunately the crowd exceeded capacity just as we reached the doors and we weren't allowed in, but I was able to capture some old-fashioned American-flavored politics during the wait.

I spoke briefly with Bill Russell (R), an Iraq War veteran who is opposing John Murtha for Representative of the 12th District of Pennsylvania.

Murtha achieved notoriety in recent years by slandering US Marines; accusing them of massacring civilians in Haditha, Iraq based on a Time magazine report. He condemned the Marines before any factfinding had been completed. As of today, 7 of the 8 marines charged have been fully exonerated, with one case still waiting to go to appeal. Murtha has never apologized. Murtha is also the #1 recipient of pork in the entire congress which is part of why he's been reelected for more than 30 years. I discussed that issue with Bill Russell as well.

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ted doty said...

Russell did not disclose all of his campaign's receipts and expenses.
NOW the Federal Elections Commission is investigating Russell.

Russell has used Pentagon phones and faxes for his political activities while he was on active duty.
NOW the Pentagon is investigating Russell.

Russell did not get approval to hold an campaign event.
NOW the Fisher House Foundation is investigating Russell.

Russell is out of touch.

NOW Russell is out of time.

Ted Doty said...

Russell continues to ignore Fisher House Foundation cease and desist demand.

Todd said...

I had tickets to this too, but couldn't make it. After hearing about the crowd and the hundreds that didn't get inside, I guess I probably wouldn't have gotten there early enough anyway.