Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pennsylvania Can Change This Election!

Shock polls! Apparently Pennsylvanians are upset about being called "bitter Bible-thumping gun-clingers", "racists", and "rednecks" by Democratic politicians.

These recent polls show McCain statistically tied with Obama statewide, and challenger Bill Russell statistically tied with Rep. John Murtha in the 12th District:

Pennsylvania Hope For McCain: Obama 47% McCain 43%

NEW POLL: Murtha 45.5% Russell 43.7%

Pennsylvania voters, seize the day!

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sandrasores said...

I think that somewhere between 3% and 6% of voters who may claim to support Obama when they are polled will change their mind and vote for McCain in the privacy of the voting booth. I think this is a small factor in the northeast, slightly larger in the mid-Atlantic and west, and most significant in the south and among working class voters in the midwest. I think enough voters in these areas fear change and are attracted to McCain's populist, anti-socialist message that last minute doubt will sway their vote.

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