Sunday, October 12, 2008

Left-Wing Agitators Use Fraudulent Image to Defame Bill Russell

An Obamabot left me the following comment defaming Bill Russell, John Murtha's Republican congressional opponent in Pennsylvania's 12th district:

Russell did not disclose all of his campaign's receipts and expenses.
NOW the Federal Elections Commission is investigating Russell.

Russell has used Pentagon phones and faxes for his political activities while he was on active duty.
NOW the Pentagon is investigating Russell.

Russell did not get approval to hold an campaign event.
NOW the Fisher House Foundation is investigating Russell.

Russell is out of touch.

NOW Russell is out of time.

The name of the site would imply a connection to; if that's the case MoveOn needs to fire someone. The top banner of the page features a multi-ethnic assortment of "progressive" young people, smiling next to a highway in the snow-capped mountains of Western Pennsylvania. Or rather the mountains are supposed to be in Western Pennsylvania.

The problem is that there are no snow-capped mountains in Pennsylvania. The mountains depicted are obviously the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies. Pennsylvania is home to the Alleghenies, part of the much older and thus thoroughly eroded Appalachian Range. The elevation of the highest point in the state is only 3,213 feet.

This hastily constructed site was obviously created by a partisan agitator in Washington or some other remote clime, because a native Pennsylvanian would be quite shocked to find such mountains towering over their home town.

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Murtha Republican said...

The Russell campaign volunteers are falsely instructed by campaign manager Peg Luksik to tell callers that the campaign has permission to hold the Hot Dog Day tomorrow at 20 locations for the benefit the Fisher House Foundation.
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