Monday, October 6, 2008

Jesus Was A Palestinian?

I recently read an article that embodies the widespread academic fraudulence that inspired me to create this channel. I found this story via the Gates of Vienna blog. Gates of Vienna is one of the best sources of counter-Jihad news out there. Their main focus is Europe because that’s the central front in this battle right now. If you’re an American you should think of Europe as a preview of what’s to come here in a decade or two. You can find the article itself at World Net Daily. Transcript of the video follows:

“'Jesus was a Palestinian,' claims U.S. history text. Study: American public school books have 'same inaccuracies' as Arab texts”

When we see violent Muslim protest on TV, it’s sometimes hard to understand their motivations. Many demonstrations occur on Friday, the Muslim Sabbath, after imams have whipped their congregations into an infidel-hating frenzy. The propagandist state-controlled media in many of these countries is also a factor. But the first seeds are planted among the young, with school textbooks that present a distorted version of history.

For example the primary purpose of Palestinian textbooks is to engender hatred against Jews and Westerners from an early age. In these textbooks, Israel is described as "a country of gangs, born in crime." The Jews are “arrogant and sly traitors”, and Zionism is a “racist movement” and a "disease." In 5th grade, discussion is devoted to the question: “Why must we fight the Jews and expel them from our land?” In the 8th grade, the students learn that “the usurpers have crossed all boundaries and therefore the time has come for jihad, to unsheathe the sharp sword.”

A recent report by CMIP (Committee for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in New York), found that of 58 children's textbooks used in the Palestinian Authority, not one mentioned Israel by name and none offered a map of the region that included the existence of the Jewish state.

Most Palestinian textbooks are produced in Egypt and Jordan, and this historical revisionism is prevalent throughout the Arab world.

These books also co-opt biblical figures. Abraham, known to history as the first Jew and the forefather of three religions is described simply as “an Iraqi”. Abraham was born in Ur, a city located in Lower Mesopotamia near the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, a region that falls within the modern nation of Iraq. However, Abraham is traditionally considered to have been born in 2000 BCE, about 2,600 years before the advent of Islam, and about 3,900 years before the establishment of Iraq. To call him an Iraqi is absurd to any knowledgeable person, but in a region with some of the lowest education and literacy rates on earth, this passes as scholarship.

The same sources claim Jesus as “a Palestinian.” However, the Romans only imposed the name Palestina, a spiteful reference to the Jews biblical enemies the Philistines, in 70CE, after Jesus’ death. Their explicit reason for reviving the name of the long-extinct Philistines was to erase any Jewish connection to the land, having just destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and killed or expelled the population.

The first time native inhabitants of the land called themselves Palestinians was more than 1800 years later, when Jews used it to describe their identity as residents of the British Mandate of Palestine. The Arabs in the region called themselves Syrians. As recently as 1967, Syria's delegate to the UN Security Council declared that it was Syria "from which Palestine was severed and from the territory of which Israel was created. . . . When the world persecuted the Jews, they found a homeland in my country, Syria." The word “Palestinian” was first used to distinguish Arab Muslims in the area from Jews after the state of Israel was established in 1948, but its use was discouraged by Jordan and Egypt, who occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip respectively, and weren’t interested in a theoretical Palestinian national movement that would threaten their own claims. It was only after the 6 Day War in 1967, when Israel conquered those territories, that the designation “Palestinian” became fashionable.

And so Jesus has been co-opted as a Palestinian, even though the word only came to describe Arab Muslims more than 1900 years after his death. And this is standard practice in the Islamic world. Since the time of Mohammed, Muslims have been very mindful of the fact that two Abrahamic religions came before them, and much energy has been devoted to weaving the traditions, stories and symbols of Judaism and Christianity, into the Muslim narrative. You’ll gain an insight into this mindset, by noting that converts to Islam are not known as converts, but “reverts”, because Muslims believe that Islam is the true innate orientation of every human, some just haven’t realized it yet. When one swallows this concept it is easy to believe that Abraham was an Iraqi, Jesus was a Palestinian, and the Middle East was always Muslim. And so, this phenomenon is disturbing, but not surprising in an Arab world that’s painfully insecure about it’s past and future.

What is surprising is that this phenomenon is showing up in American textbooks as well.
Dr. Gary Tobin and Dennis Ybarra looked at 28 prominent American history, geography and social studies textbooks in an exhaustive 5 year study.

"The textbooks tend to be critical of Jews and Israel, disrespectful about Christianity, and rather than represent Islam in an objective way, tend to glorify it," said Ybarra.

“The World”, published by Scott Foresman, claims that "Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus.”

The researchers also found that Judaism and Christianity are treated as matters of believing, while Islam is treated as a matter of fact. In the glossary of "World History: Continuity and Change," the Ten Commandments are described as, "Moral laws Moses claimed to have received from the Hebrew God on Mount Sinai." But the same glossary states as fact that the Quran is a, "Holy Book of Islam containing revelations received by Muhammad from God… Tobin says that “Islam is treated with a devotional tone in some textbooks, less detached and analytical than it ought to be. Muslim beliefs are described in several instances as fact, without any clear qualifier such as 'Muslims believe…’"

This begs the question, WHY? America is not a Muslim country, what interest would the educational establishment have in promoting Islam? It’s an acknowledged fact that academia has a leftist slant, so why would these people who are supposedly committed to secularism be so interested in promoting a monotheistic religion? Because as the Left sees it, they share a common short-term goal with Islam; they both seek to destabilize and weaken the existing foundations of Western societies. The Muslims so they can impose Islamic law across the globe, as commanded by their holy writings. The Left, so they can replace what they see as a greedy, racist, patriarchal society with one that would redistribute wealth, provide expensive cradle-to-grave welfare, and hypothetically ensure equality; i.e., recreate the Western European welfare state in North America. Presumably once the Left seized control it would jettison its Islamic supporters, and submit them along with the rest of society, to their vision of a utopian Marxist nanny-state.

But the "sophisticated" American Left has failed to realize that Western Europe has followed just such a policy since the 1970’s, and it’s currently blowing up all over their faces. The socialists, who encouraged mass-immigration to undermine the capitalist power structure, are realizing that the influx has turned social conditions backwards rather than forwards for the common citizen. The secularists who hoped a flood of non-Christians would weaken the conservative influence of the church, have found that Islam embodies a doctrine that is more reactionary, conservative, expansionist and energized than modern European Christianity could ever hope to be. Feminists are finding that it’s no longer safe to walk the streets at night, and gay activists have taken their lifestyles back indoors due to Muslim violence and intimidation. Yet the American left insists on feeding this force in a misguided strategy to increase their own power. The intimidation needs to stop, the historical revisionism needs to stop, and the appeasement needs to stop, or soon there will be no one left to question agross historical distortion such as, Jesus was a Palestinian.


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Just to let you know, with your permission, I have added you to my Blogroll

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You most certainly may, thanks for the support.

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I must admit, Sir, I am impressed by what you're doing for the counter-jihad movement.

I will speak with my colleagues ( - this our blog ), but I believe we should promote your videos and if it's okay with you, add a Romanian translation to the text provided by your blog. People must know these things, else I don't know what will happen to us all in the next 50 years.

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Hello Abraham.

I was recently inspired to start a blog against islam after I read the fanciful tale behind the new American president's name. It has become the theme of my blog.

I was born a muslim and I'm appalled at both the ridiculous origins of this "Religion of Peace" and its heinous actions.

Peace be with you and success in your work. If jihad succeeds or even continues to exist we will all suffer.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 2:20-21 says otherwise.