Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iran: "Obama more rational than McCain"

Another Islamist endorsement for Barack Obama, via Jerusalem Post.

A top Iranian official (Ali Larijani) said Wednesday that of the two candidates in the US presidential race, Barack Obama seemed to be 'more rational' than his opponent John McCain.

According to Larijani, he did not disagree with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on ideological issues and they had only "differences in style". So Larijani agrees with Ahmadinjad's ideology, and thinks Barack Obama is rational. Nice.

"The Democratic candidate Barack Obama seems to be more rational than the Republican John McCain, but the test [is] in deeds, not words," he said.

Don't worry, first he'll give you soothing words, and I'm sure he'll follow it up with deeds.


Meanwhile, the Hamas party (which rules the Gaza Strip and seeks to annihilate Israel and replace it with a "Palestine" governed by Sharia law) thinks the whole Obama/Biden ticket is just dandy!

He (top Hamas political adviser Ahmad Yousef) also called Obama running mate Joe Biden, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "a great man" and said that "we do count on him also as a good partner with Mr. Obama to put the right policy regarding how to handle the problems in the region."

What do Iran and Hamas have in common? They want a United States that is weak and docile so they may carry out their religious-sanctioned expansionism in the Middle East unimpeded. And they both feel comfortable with Obama... that makes me feel very safe.

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