Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama

Two weeks to go. Do you need a fully-referenced dossier on why Obama is unfit to be President, complete with plenty of links and embedded videos all in one place? Yes, of course you do. And you need to show it to all your family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers (and pets if they've been registered by ACORN).

Hot Air has it. Check it out. Here's a summation:

Perhaps if Barack Obama had taken more time to build his resum̩ Рespecially with executive experience Рhe might have made a more compelling candidate, and might have demonstrated at least a little of the moderation he has claimed. Instead, Democrats want America to support at once the most radical and least qualified candidate for President in at least a century. They have tried to conceal this with the complicity of a pom-pom-waving national media that has shown much more interest in the political background of a plumber from Ohio than in a major-party candidate for President.

America deserves better than that. Voters deserve the truth from the press, not vague cheers of “hope” and “change” while willfully ignoring or air-brushing Obama’s record. We hope to set that record straight with our essay.

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